Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two Bullets : Chicks Who Love Guns

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Chicks Who Love Guns- Ask Somebody Else from Closetakes on Vimeo.

Chicks Who Love Guns, the name really says it all, and if that wasn't enough to put you off this putrid and self serving bunch of uninspired talentless cunts their EP is called Vomit On The Dancefloor. Charming.

I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but this band is on example or a case where making such a rash judgment would've saved you a lot of time and heart ache as this band has to be one of the most fetid and steaming piles of musical garbage to have slid out of Sydney's rotting musical birth canal in quite some time.

The worst part of it all is is that they don't even look like they're fucking enjoying themselves. Watching these self aggrandising pieces of shit mope about on stage like listless models begs the question why no one has taken to the stage and ripped their throats out of their necks with their teeth. Surely an example of their music in court would be more than enough evidence to plead justifiable homicide.

Enjoying limited success for god knows what reason, their purile single Vomit On The Dancefloor receiving the following praise from local critics

‘…they rock the hair off catfish…stupid and genius go hand-in-hand.’ BEAT Single Of The Week

‘It’s angry, brief, subtle as a donkey punch with knuckle dusters…’ RAVE Indie Release Of The Week

‘Title track ‘Vomit On The Dance Floor’ is violently fast paced...screamed to be screamed along with, cementing itself as a trouble makers anthem.’ The AU Review 8.5/10

‘Is the long awaited shot in the arm indie rock needs finally here? … these kids pull no punches on their first breath-robbing release.’ The

If this isn't a sign that the local music media are not only completely corrupted by the industry, but they have no fucking taste either. I suppose after choking down bucketload after bucketload of record label semen while begging for more, the vile viscous fluid frothing around your mouth you probably would loose a sense of perspective.

Subjectivity in both music and life is undeniable. While one may see smoking marijuana as a crime that should be punished severely another sees it as a mostly harmless activity. Where one person see's hitting their child as discipline, another might see it as abuse. Where someone see's abortion as murder another see's it as a woman exercising her right to do with her body as she so pleases. However outside of psychopaths most people will agree that murder is wrong, and that rape is wrong, and I believe this music ammounts to the same thing.

Chick Who Love Guns rape music and they murder art.

Two Bullets, to the back of the head.