Friday, September 17, 2010

Sick Python

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Bursting onto the Sydney scene like a bulbous pimple of dancehall lunacy, Sick Python have been fast developing a fan following for their increasingly thrilling and sometimes dangerous stage show. Made up of driving lyrical force Pele, backed up by hype man Judge Demus and beatmaster Balls Deep, this three man hurricane of rhythm and flow are like a breath of pot-smoke in the otherwise stale air of Sydney's dancehall reggae scene.

Frontman Pele's lyrics, often difficult to grasp to those of us who are not well versed in Haitian patois, weave together intricate tales inspired by his own life spent on the run. Born in Nowra, Pele fled Australia as a young man for reason's not clear to anyone other than the man himself. Ending up in Haiti, where he soon established himself as one of the leading urban artists on the island, his meteoric rise was brought crashing down to earth when after being injured by the earthquakes, he was picked up by the Red Cross and evacuated back to Australia for medical treatment.

Having woken up in St Vincent De Paul's only a few months ago, Pele has not let a minute pass him by, forming Sick Python and setting out to rebuild what he's lost since being brought back to his homeland. Fuelled by a mixture of illicit substances and poverty, the trio have been blazing their way across the city's many stages, burning up the mic like a rasta style spliff, and they don't look to be showing any signs of stopping soon.

In a rare interview, we were lucky enough to catch up with the reggaeton renegade Pele himself to discuss life back in Australia, his inspirations and his mysterious past, ahead of Sick Python's headline show as part of the inaugural Chocolate Jesus at Iguana Bar this Sunday the 19th of September.

Two Bullets: Pele, tell me how have things been lately, Sick Python seem to be real busy, is it wearing you down?

Pele: Nah fool, its the opposite. It wears me up, nah mean?

TB: A lot of people seem to think the band is a joke, what do you have to say to them?

P: If it was a joke I would be laughin... But I ain't, so it must be not a joke then right?

TB: Would you say your music comes from the heart?

P: My heart, My head, My spirit, My spirituality, My sexuality, My world. Everywhere, nah mean?

TB: Could you explain what it means to you?

P: The universal power of one.

TB: You do seem to be a man of inexhaustible stamina, what's you're secret?

P: Cocaine.

TB: You've got a few shows coming up with these Chocolate Jesus boys, what made you want to start working with them?

P: I was gon call my 2003 single Chocolate Jesus but then I had to change it to 'White Chocolate' but I can't really talk about that.

TB: We all know you've had a rich life in entertainment already from when you were living in Haiti, winning the Latin Grammy for best pop/rap collaboration with Shakira, and working with UK sensation Dappy, what's it like now starting over again in Sydney?

P: It's a challenge. I'm the challenger. I am bringing my A Game to Sydney. 110% Blud.

TB: Speaking of your childhood move from Australia, could you tell us about that as there have been a lot of rumours circulating about what really happened and I'm sure your fans would like to know the truth?

P: I did not kill that Catholic priest I fatally wounded him. He chose to die.

TB: Anyway, sorry if I've touched a nerve, moving on... tell me about Sick Python and what you guys have coming up?

P: We are recording stuff all the time and we be playing Chocolate Jesus this Sunday at Iguana Bar and Double Dragon October 1 at Oxford Arts Factory and shit. Just like to shout out to Dark Bells and Disco Club and shit...Peace.

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